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The inventor of the first liquid auto polish was Ben Hirsch of Chicago, Illinois. He produced a product called Plastone in the 1930s. He later renamed Plastone and his company, Turtle Wax. Hirsch realized the protective hard shell of a turtle was just like the finish produced by his auto polish. More than seventy years later, the wax company is still a family owned company based in the Chicago area. This company has more than 1250 car care products.

One of the best Wax products is “Turtle Wax Rim Clean” for your custom rims. It is a controlled spray of light foam that will repel dust, add shine and is spot free. Custom Wheel Polish and Auto Detailing Supplies is your source for all of the Turtle Wax products you know and trust at the best price. Find the best Wax product for cleaning custom wheels here and answer the question – What is their best car wash products?

Turtle Wax Products For Your Car, Truck or SUV

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