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Mothers detailing products also include one of the most popular tool for your custom wheels and they are preferred by professionals. Powerballs are the same high quality detailing products that the professionals use. Mothers Powerballs include the Mothers Powerball, Mothers Powerball Mini & Mothers Powerball 4Paint.

If you’re tired of spending hours polishing your custom rims then this is the tool for you! All Powerballs are perfect for polishing diamond plate, billet, polished aluminum, stainless steel, convertible top windows, plastic lenses, and more. You name it, all three Mothers Powerball can polish it! The Mothers Powerball Mini comes with a 10 inch extension wand to reach those hard to reach places and is cleanable and reversible.

Custom Wheel Polish and Auto Detailing Supplies is your source for Mothers Powerball, Mothers Powerball Mini & Mothers Powerball 4Paint products you know and trust at the best price. Find the best Mothers detailing products for cleaning custom wheels here and answer the question – What is the best aluminum wheel polish?

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