The Best Engine Cleaning Supplies


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The Best Engine Cleaning Supplies – Next to the paint on your car, the engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. You spend lots hard earned cash on car polish and replacing tires so why not keep your engine clean so you can find those pesky oil and cooling leaks before they get to be a major problem.

Don’t be afraid to damage something on your engine. As long as you don’t soak the engine when hot, with a caustic degreaser or use a high pressure washer everything should be fine. The best time to detail your engine is when it is cold. Your cars engine will look so much better if you take a few minutes to degrease and clean it up. A few engine cleaners we recommend include – Meguiar’s Engine Cleaner, 3M Foaming Engine Degreaser, Lanes Super Dyno Cleaner and Zymol Strik Engine Cleaner. Don’t forget to buy some detailing brushes to get into those tight spots.

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