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Custom Wheel Polish – Cleaning your custom wheels and tires do not have to be a chore when you use the right products. Custom wheels and tires are an investment in your automobile and preserving their appearance requires regular maintenance with the best products available.

At “Custom Wheel Polish” we have hundreds of the best wheel care products, best tire cleaners, best car wash, best car wax, best interior cleaner and the best engine cleaner for your car, truck or SUV. Each product has it own unique techniques and application requirements. Some products should not be used on one type of custom wheel while others will work on any custom wheel.

Buying a set of custom wheels and tires is typically the first addition to any vehicle. It’s also one of the hardest areas of your vehicle to keep clean. Because custom wheel and tires can also be the most expensive addition they are well worth taking care of. From road debris to brake dust can get on your twenty’s and keeping them clean is no small job. At “Custom Wheel Polish” you find the right cleaning and polishing products for your custom rims.

Polished Aluminum Custom Wheels

American Racing Hopster Custom Wheel - Custom Wheel Polish

Polished aluminum rims like these American Racing Hopsters are always exposed to the elements such as brake dust, road grime and heat. For this reason they are hardest to keep clean and shinny because they do not have a clear coated finish or a plating of chrome to protect them. Be sure to choose a polished aluminum cleaner that does the work for you, is acid-free, pH balanced and is environmentally-friendly.

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Chrome Plated Custom Wheels

Chrome Plated Custom Wheel - Custom Wheel Polish

Chrome plated custom wheels offer a mirror like appearance and classic looks for cars and trucks. Chrome wheel do need cleaning on a regular basis due to brake pad dust and harsh road elements. At Custom Wheel Polish, car care is more than a hobby. Car care is our passion and car care products fuel that passion because these are the tools and chemicals that create the perfect shine on chrome plated custom wheels.

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Clear Coated Custom Wheels

Clear Coated Custom Wheel

Most factory clear coated custom wheels are alloy or aluminum rims sprayed with a clear lacquer, acrylic or urethane to seal the wheel. The clear coat provides a relatively low maintenance finish that has a nice shine when cleaned. Some wheel cleaners will damage or remove the urethane from clear coated custom rims. Regular cleaning and polishing is all you need to do to keep clear coated wheels looking new for many years.

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Painted Alloy Custom Wheels

Painted Custom Wheel

Painted Alloy wheels are light weight in construction and are pound for pound stronger than steel. To help keep your painted alloy wheels or painted steel wheels looking great use just the right products. Painted alloy wheels can be washed with mild soap and water. If brake dust is extreme, use a heavy metal tire and wheel cleaner. Some wheel cleaners will damage or remove the paint from these custom rims.

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Chrome Plated Wire Wheels

Chrome Wire Wheel

To help keep your Vintage wire wheels or chrome wire wheels looking just right use the best wire wheel cleaner and the best wire wheel polish. Add a show winning shine to your chrome wire wheels.

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